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Support for Parents

I always suggest an initial assessment session so that we can think about what will be most helpful and talk in detail about the problem and its context. Once the assessment has taken place there are a variety of options for support:

Parenting advice/consultations

A consultation is an hour long session where you are able to talk about a specific problem you are having in relation to your child and we can think about some potential solutions which you might be able to use at home. The nature of the problem will dictate the number of sessions which will be helpful.

Individual Parent Counselling

Parenting can be incredibly challenging and sometimes we can really benefit from a space to talk about how we are feeling about the roller coaster of emotions that come along with the role. Becoming a parent, with the new responsibilities and changes to our lives that it brings, can at times feel quite overwhelming. Everyone else might seem to be coping better or being a more successful parent and it can be difficult to remain confident or hold on to what feels right for you. Counselling offers a space to think about what parenting means for you, how it has affected your relationships and your sense of yourself and any changes that you might like to make, personally, in your parenting style, or professionally.

Couples as Parents

When a couple have children it can dramatically alter the dynamics of the relationship. Counselling can provide a supportive and safe space to think about how a couple can parent collaboratively, as a partnership, reducing conflict and improving communication.

Work with Parent and Child together

Sometimes it can be helpful to work together with parent and child, to open up new possibilities for communication and understanding and reduce conflict. This can be done during the course of individual work or as a piece of work in its own right. Again, this is something that would be discussed at the assessment session.

For more information on work with parents, or to ask any questions, please email or give me a ring and we can have a chat about the options.

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