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My name is Philippa and I am a counsellor who helps children and their families when things are difficult.

Feelings can be very confusing. Sometimes they get so big we feel like we might explode, or we feel so small we want to curl up and hide. Feelings can make us do all sorts of strange things. We might shout and scream, kick a wall or hit something or even someone. Sometimes we feel very sad or upset and don't want to talk to anyone. Or we might think that no one understands and that can make us feel quite lonely. Sometimes we feel worried or frightened about things and we might not even know why. And sometimes we don't know how we feel it's just all one big muddle.

If you come to see me, we will try to think together about some of those feelings, so that you can understand them a bit better and they don't feel quite so big or strange and confusing any more. When we understand what's happening with feelings in our bodies and our heads then we are able to do something about it and that can really help.

I have a really nice cosy room. Some children want to play games or make things and some children or young people and their parents just want to sit and talk. You can choose what you want to do - what is most important is that you feel relaxed during our sessions and we often have some fun as well!

You can choose what you tell me. I don't keep "secrets" but I won't tell other people what we talk about, unless you ask me to, or I think you or someone else might be in danger or might come to some harm. Then I have a duty in the law to try to keep you safe which might mean I have to tell someone.
You can tell anyone you like what you do in your session or what we talk about if you want to. You might choose to talk to your friends and family about it or you might prefer it if they don't know. That is up to you.

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