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My name is Philippa and I am a counsellor who helps children and their families when things are difficult.

Feelings can be very confusing. Sometimes they get so big we feel like we might explode, or we feel so small we want to curl up and hide. We might do something like shout and scream, kick a wall or hit something or even someone. Sometimes we feel very sad or upset and don't want to talk to anyone. We might think that no one understands. Sometimes we feel worried or frightened about things and we might not even know why. And sometimes we don't know how we feel it's just all one big muddle.

If you come to see me, we will try to think together about some of those feelings, so they don't feel quite so big or strange and confusing any more.

Some children like to talk and some prefer to play, it is your choice. I have a room where young children can play and where young people and adults can sit and talk, what's most important to me is that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

You can choose what you tell me. I don't keep "secrets" but I won't tell other people what we talk about, unless you ask me to, or we agree it might be helpful for you. Otherwise I will only share what we talk about if I think you or someone else isn't safe. You can tell anyone what you do in your session or what we talk about if you want to.

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